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        Changshu Wanlong Machinery Co., Ltd.,who was established in Jan.1984,is located at the west of NO.204National Highway of Shuang feng Town of Taicang City. It is an enterprise centering on developing, manufacturing and selling nonwoven fabric machineries and accessories as well as nonwoven fabric.The Company's main nonwoven fabric products are of mainly six series like synthetic leather base cloth and high density needle-punched gift cloth,needle-punched fleece for car decoration, high density needle-puncled fleece for shoe-making, needle-punched geotextile, non-glue cotton and spray-bonded cotton products, carbon fiber needle-punched products and so on GiVing full play to the technological and brand advantages on nonwoven machineries manufacturing of its predecessor Taicang shuangfeng Nonwoven Fabric Equipment factory, the company's main nonwoven mechanical equipments are of mainly seven series like opener, carding machine,lapping machine , needling machine, hot rolling machine, cylinder mould machine, spray-bonding oven and so on Based on the management tenet of ' seek existence with quality, serving customers with integrity,the company has been keeping the upgrade of products and perfection of all series, which have made wanlong products always stand in the leading position nationwide, ie in 1985,it developed the 2.5m width dryer felt duck device which had been the first locally designed device in China; in 1988, it developed high frequency needling machine and small felt specified machine with the craft needling frequency of 600 times per minute; in 1989, it developed double-shaft jacquard needling machine; in 1998, it developed balanced sliding high-speed needling machine with the craft needling frequency of 1000times; in 1997,it developed 6m width geotextile high-speed needling combination machine; in 2000, comperating with SDPC, it developed 9.2m width dryer felt duck needling machine, high-speed lapping machine matching 9.4m as well as 8.4m three-needle tumbler beam open type needling machine; in 2005, it developed specified fiber(carbon fiber )needling machine, In2012, the legal person of the company was recruited by the Standard Administration of China as the member of the Sub-branch on Nonwoven Fabric Machinery of the National Textile Machinery Accessories Standardization Technology Committee(SAC/TC215/BC3),And the company's products have repeatedly won prizes from China Textile Association and won prizes of provincial and municipall level.

         The company's development has been derived from numerous elites, advanced technical equipment, thorough quality management, and aboundant manufacturing experiences, Its cooperation with colleges and scientific research institutions has long kept the compay's technology in the lead. The company obtained 7 patents for invention during 2011-2012, Also, the company has kept close relationship on scientific research and technological cooperation with institutions like Nonwoven Fabric Teaching and Researching section of Tian jin Polytechnic University, Nonwoven Teaching and Researching Section of Dong hua University (China Textile University ).Moreover the company is the member of China Nonwoven Fabric and Industrial Textile Industry Association, Jiangsu Nonwoven Fabric Industrial Textile Industry Association , and Sub-branch on Nonwoven Fabric Technology of National Textile Engineering Society.

        The nonwoven machineries manufactured by the company are spread over20 provinces and cities all over the country, and are sold abroad to the countries like Japan, Korea, Bengal, Thailand, India, Russia, Vietnam etc, Itsnonwoven fabric products are sold to the American and Japanese markets. 
          The president FANZhen as well as all the staff of the company warmly welcomes the clients from home and abroad to visit and discuss on cooperaton.

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